Norfolk & Norwich Festival – In Memoriam

Norfolk & Norwich Festival – In Memoriam

If you passed through Chapelfield gardens last weekend you may have noticed some tall red and white flags. The installation was called ‘In Memoriam’ and was hosted by the Norfolk & Norwich Festival. The beautiful piece was created by Luke Jerram to act as a memorial to remember all those lost to the coronavirus pandemic. At the same time it was paying respect to the healthcare workers that have been risking their lives on the front lines.

In Memoriam was put together without any barriers to allow visitors to get amongst the installation and experience the artwork up close. The red and white coloured bedsheets were arranged in the form of a medical logo which was a further nod to those affected.

The team at ESP were more than happy to print some t-shirts for the staff working at this event and look forward to more events put on by the Norfolk and Norwich festival in the future.