• Can I get my order sooner?

    Yes, you can get an order sooner, a surcharge will be added to your order depending on how much sooner you would like to receive it.

  • What file format should I submit my design in?

    We accept the following formats: .ai .pdf .esp .psd .jpeg .png .tiff please see our file preparation advice for more information.

  • What is your minimum order quantity?

    Our minimum order quantity is 12 garments.

  • How long is turnaround time?

    Our normal estimated turnaround time is 7-14 working days after payment (not including weekends and bank holidays). Please add 2-4 working days for extra services.

  • Can you match a custom Pantone colour?

    Yes, we can do Pantone matching at an extra cost of £5/ per colour. Please ensure you use the Solid Coated Pantone guide as a reference.

  • Can I supply my own t-shirts?

    Yes, although there is a surcharge per garment.

  • Can I come pick up my shirts?

    Yes, this is fine please let us know in advance.

  • How do I go about making payment for my order?

    We accept bank transfers, PayPal, cash or credit/debit card payments.