The MHM E Type 10 colour Auto

The MHM E Type 10 colour Auto

At the end of 2014 we had delivery of this amazing piece of kit, the last MHM E Type 10 colour automatic screen print machine with electric heads ever made. It has lots of cool features and is pretty fast, capable of 1400 prints and hour and 10 colours. It was to replace our M&R 6 colour auto we bought at the end of 2013, to help meet demands of our ever increasing work load.

The MHM E Type purchase was a god send while as were doing lots of 6 colour prints on the M&R 6 colour and we needed something to speed things up and expand our capabilities.

We still have a manual 6 colour M&R Chameleon upstairs for smaller runs and sampling which is a great piece of kit, hands on manual screen printing. We bought this machine 7 years ago and she will be with us until the end…