Norfolk Embroidery Company

Norfolk Embroidery Company

As a Norfolk embroidery company, we have been doing embroidery work for many companies in Norfolk and nationwide. Our team has over 25 years experience and we do all the artwork digitising in-house to get the best results and fastest turnaround. We believe in customer service, meeting deadlines and producing the finest work, having the latest machinery, all touch screen and the ability to run more than one job at a time.

We can embroider on to pretty much anything, including shirts, polos, jackets, beanies, caps, bags and headbands. You can view some of our products here, we can also make patches and badges to be sewn on products, also offering label sewing and hem tag application as well as folding and bagging the garments.If you would like to learn more about our embroidery you can visit this page

norfolk embroidery company work

Doing work for clothing brands, sailing teams, events, sports clubs, the catering industry, construction companies and even high profile companies including Jamie Oliver, Master Chef and Harrods makes our job very interesting. Always keeping an eye on new techniques and products to offer our customers the best service and latest products makes us a great choice for your embroidery needs. Contact us here today.