Bilos Mantho and ESP Merchandise Collaboration

Bilos Mantho and ESP Merchandise Collaboration

We are super happy to announce that we are teaming up with the Norwich resident and Greek national – Bilos. For those that haven’t heard of him, Bilos is a locally based illustrator and mural painter who has brought his unique and abstract style to the graffiti world. We were keen to get his artwork on to some t-shirts, so watch this space in order to get your hands on a one of a kind piece.

Bilos Interview




Patras, Greece 

How did you get into art?

I started drawing at a very young age like almost anyone does I guess. But sketching, doodling and painting has always been the best way to express myself.

My parents have been very supportive too, even though they are not artists themselves. They would buy me art related books or talk about art, visit museums etc.

Talk us through how you developed your unique style.

Thank you for calling it ‘unique’ I am not so sure sometimes. I started with wild style letters as a teenager and over the years I kept removing elements from my pieces.

For me it is all about the forms. Even when I moved from wild style to more minimal pieces I was focused on the forms. My goal ever since has been to create interesting and unusual forms, whether that is letters or more abstract compositions.

How has lockdown affected your work?

The lockdown definitely affected my work, just like everyone else’s I am sure. Many projects were delayed or cancelled. But on the other hand, I still released prints or created work digitally for clients or myself. 

Have you got a favourite piece from this period?

I have been sketching a lot but also creating digital pieces as part of my experimental series titled ‘Digital Daydreams’

Definitely a favourite is when I revisited my design ‘Wondrous Place’ and created a Digital Daydream. I used a photo of a really nice wall in my neighbourhood in Norwich for that.

Are there any other artists are you feeling at the moment?

Too many but to name a few I really enjoy seeing anything by the following artists: 

David Von Bahr, Alyson Khan, Moderne Jazz, Cwtos, Silver.Forms, Srger, Riot 1394, Casey Bolding, 

What’s a favourite hidden gem of yours in Norwich (Not necessarily art related)?

It might not sound hidden at all but recently I have been enjoying finding little spots here and there during my riverside walks.

Especially during lockdown.

What charity have you chosen to donate to and why?

I chose to donate to Black Lives Matter.

I feel like many people forget about important issues if it’s not on the news every single day, unfortunately.

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat to us Bilos. We are very excited to see how this t-shirt turns out and looking forward to catching some of your other pieces too!