Delivering face masks to Norfolk care homes

Delivering face masks to Norfolk care homes

Lockdown during the height of the coronavirus pandemic was a difficult time, particularly for health workers on the front line. They had to leave the safety of their homes to care for those who were ill. In turn they were exposing themselves to a potentially life threatening virus. We were shocked to hear that care workers often had little or no PPE as supplies had been hoovered up.

Thankfully a glimmer of hope was provided through projects such as ‘The Norfolk Sew Group’ created by Libby from ‘The Way of Tea’. The premise was simple, to craft as many face masks as possible and deliver them to healthcare workers in need.

ESP teamed up with Libby and others to help deliver over 500 masks to keyworkers and other vulnerable people over lockdown.

To make your own face mask, follow the guide created by ‘The Way of Tea here. Please bear in mind that they are designed to aid defence against the spread of infection. However there are no assurances that it can 100% prevent transmission or infection of disease or viruses.