Leavers Hoodies

Leavers Hoodies

We have Leavers hoodies deals to save you money and time. Because we are trade printers you can come direct to us and we’ll take care of everything. We professionally screen print, embroider and personalise the hoodies here at ESP Merchandise using ethical inks. There are lots of logo designs and garment styles and colours to choose that are very high quality and fashionable. Please contact us today to get started.

leavers hoodies

kids leavers hoodies

Kids leavers hoodies are a great memento for the children leaving middle school to remember their class mates and time at school. There is no vat on the kids leavers hoodies.


high school leavers 2017
leavers 2017
Your school leavers hoodie
leavers hoodie school badge



Below are the default back options for personalised leavers hoodies that are classic and commonly used. Can’t find a design you like? Contact us to speak to our design team.


leavers hoodie back 1  
leavers hoodie back 2
leavers hoodie back 3
leavers hoodie back 4



We use AWD Hoods for your leavers hoodie, they are high quality and have a vast range of styles and colours that make them the favourite for school and teams. Built to last and ethically made, so they are the natural choice for us.



awd leavers hoodie pullover
awd leavers hoodie zip up
awd leavers hoodie zip varisty



We’re passionate about doing things the right way at AWDis, which is why we only use WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) certified factories.

WRAP’s “12 Principles” are based on accepted international workplace standards and regulations which encompass human resources management, health and safety, environmental practices, legal compliance including import/export and customs conformity, security standards and local laws.

We also use phthalate free inks and water based inks where possible at ESP, it’s our ethical policy and what we believe in. Please check out our other deals that offer organic garments.

Next to ESP merchandise we built and continue to fund an indoor skate park for the community to enjoy, as well as run skate schools and other events www.chargeunit.com

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